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Get a home appraisal so you are confident about the value and can move forward with peace of mind. 

The wrong home appraisal can cost you thousands

Searching for an experienced and trustworthy appraiser can be frustrating. You don’t want to explain your situation over and over, just to find out it will take weeks or cost too much.  

Your time is valuable.

That’s why I give upfront pricing and prioritize homeowners just like you — making sure you’re well informed and confident about the value.

I can help with

pre-listing appraisals

estate / trust appraisals

divorce appraisal near me

divorce appraisals

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of an appraisal starts at $395 for a single family home, townhome, or condominium. The price may be higher depending on complexity. 

The appraisal report will often be completed within a week after the inspection. I can also work with quicker deadlines, just let me know.

The value is determined by comparing the home to other recent sales in the area. The biggest factors are location, size, quality & condition.

I am licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin and have appraised thousands of homes since I began in 2001.


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